Zen State

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Keeping your cool during a heated competition is crucial for playing to the best of your abilities.

Eliminating nervousness by tackling the root of these feelings is something we teach through the R.A.C.E formula that's detailed in our Mental Toughness courses.

Training to take on the inner turmoil that hinders performance is a fantastic tool for staying composed leading up to game time.

But sometimes, we need some extra help.

When life challenges start stacking up, that mental clutter can take your mind away from the game when it counts.

Additionally, long term exposure to these stressors can take a damaging toll on us. It manages to interfere with many aspects of our life: mentally, emotionally, and physically.

These situations are why we assembled our Zen State formula.

This calming formula provides all-natural support for managing stress, combating restlessness, relaxing nervous feelings, and relieving mental exhaustion.

Being Mentally Tough Means Staying Calm

You can't stay focused in the game if you're stressed out.

Our minds control our whole body, keep yours calm and zen with Zen State, formulated with all natural ingredients to help you stay chill.

Zen State Includes These Calming Ingredients:

Rhodiola crenulata Root



Lemon Balm

Skullcap Root


Bacopa Whole Herb

Magnolia bark

Passion Flower

Valerian Root

St John's Wort

Hops Flower

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