Quick Handle: Box "D" One on One by Coach Mendo

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A unique and revolutionary method in small box one-on-one defensive strategies developed and perfected by Craig's good friend, the FIBA certified Coach Mendo.

Coach Mendo dives deep into quickness techniques, the pressure principles and how to achieve a warrior mentality.

Whether you're new to the sport or you've been playing your whole life, Coach Mendo's techniques and strategies can improve your ball game.

Learn the revolutionary concepts of defending on the ball. This book will challenge and equip you to shut down and contain great offensive players!

This new book “Quick Handle: Box “D” One-on-One” goes into incredible depth with over 30 on-court strategies.

Here’s just some of the incredible topics covered:

  • Quick changes
  • Mastering the space between the defender and you
  • Self confidence top stop opponents
  • Containing the ball-handler
  • Decreasing scoring chances
  • Drills (with illustrations)
  • Balance on your feet
  • Speed attacks that stop a fast break
  • And so much more too detailed for a product description

"It's experience, plain and simple. That's what your getting when you're working with Coach Mendo and his staff.

I highly recommend him in trusting your Athletes to Quick Handle."
-Craig Sigl

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