How to Be An Outstanding Sports Parent

How to Be An Outstanding Sports Parent

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60 Day Guarantee.

Youth Sports Expert Shares His Secrets With You From 3 Decades of Experience With 130,000 Kids. Meet Aaron Locks: Youth Sports Parenting Expert





Uninformed parents put their kid in the entirely wrong league or team.

The kid sits the bench most of the time and the parent feels powerless.

Moms try to over-protect and Dads try to push too hard (or vice versa) and either creates destruction in confidence.

What do you do when the coach is on the edge of verbally abusive?

Are you prepared for when your child gets injured? Do you know how to spot the difference between that and a hurt?

Do you know what to expect as far as expenses, travel, snacks, uniforms, etc?

What's the best way to for a parent to handle game time situations that seem unfair to you and/or your child?

Did you know there is a wrong way to cheer? 

Kids today have many significant differences than the last generation. Too many parents still think "That's how we did it when I was a kid and it worked for me!" (and it doesn't work for their kid, believe me).

What about your kid's special needs? Prepping them for practice?

The list goes on and being a sports parent is like walking through a field of land mines with your kid ready to blow any day with one wrong move on your part.

What Do You Get In This Program?

A total and complete library of 27 easy-to-follow video lessons by one of the most experienced and knowledgeable youth sports parent experts.

Lock's program is a necessity for parents of kids under 14 and is like a swiss army knife of tools for you. 

You will learn a complete system for how to guarantee your child will gain confidence and life skills through sports while having a ton of fun doing it!


Learning resilience through sports is everything!

Understanding the mindset of different coaching styles and how to leverage that for your child's best interest.

Get solid, knowing what your responsibilities as a sports parent really are... to know you are always doing the right thing.

Learn the correct way to praise your kid on and off the field/court to ensure confidence-building. Most parents do this wrong and it creates fears.

A to Z - what to expect this season: expenses, equipment, uniforms, travel, food and typical extra league fees.

What you need to know and consider if you are asked to coach or be an assistant coach for your child's team for you and your child's sake!


How to avoid the 3 confidence-killing parent failures that most parents would never think is a big deal.

Understand the time and travel commitment outstanding sports parents will face and efficiency tricks to achieve them easily.

Practices: The key to standing out as a great sports parent.

Your child's special needs:
food, allergies, learning issues, experience, ability, etc.

Equipment: knowing the difference between needs and wants so you don't break the bank this season. (This section alone will probably pay for this entire training)


How to teach your child the valuable lessons about competition in a proven-healthy way that embeds the seeds of empowerment and success in their subconscious mind for life!

5 simple things parents can do for their child, that will be readily accepted, to strengthen self esteem whether the kid wins or loses.

How to teach your child respect through: Rules, Officials, Coaches, Opponents, and the game itself!

Learn the correct way and when to cheer for your kid on the field/court to ensure confidence-building. Most parents do this wrong and create fears & embarrassment. 

How to deal with injuries and know the differences between serious problems and simple "hurts" that can create courage.

The best ways to handle conflicts with your child's coach and how to advocate effectively for him/her while gaining the coach's appreciation and respect for you. 


Does your child have extraordinary talent? You will learn how to best nurture and develop it to it's fullest.

Does your child have extraordinary talent?

You will learn how to best nurture and develop it to it's fullest.

What you need to know about how youth sports is completely different today than the last generation's experiences.

What if your child has very little athletic talent?

Here's how he/she can still have an amazing time and learn powerful life skill.

Understand the differences between boys and girls sports and how to handle girls playing with the boys.

Be prepared for the realities of your child wanting to play on serious teams that travel and/or play year-round in one sport.

Burnout: How to avoid one of the biggest problems in youth sports.

How to work with your child and the coach to make big decisions about when, how, where to play each season as they progress in their abilities.


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