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More than half of all athletes experience some joint pain, that’s not surprising considering we push our bodies harder than the average person!

Also, research has shown that athletes are at an 85% higher risk of having knee or hip arthritis. That risk doubles if you have to have joint surgery. (1)

You can do something to reduce that pain and help prevent further damage.

Your joints are cushioned by cartilage, a smooth elastic tissue that covers the ends of long bones at the joints and nerves.

The more stress and impact you put on your joints, the more the cartilage can wear down and the more likely you are to experience joint pain.

We’ve put together our formula Flex State to help you ensure your body has what it needs to keep your joints healthy.

Packed with the ingredients your body needs to keep repairing damaged cartilage, anti-inflammatory ingredients to reduce inflammation, and an ingredient that helps prevent damage to your joints.  The damage that commonly comes from our sports and exercise.

Mental Toughness Flex State

A Joint Support Formula For Athletes

We've packed in the building blocks for your cartilage and anti-inflammatories to help reduce the pain after you've stressed your joints during the game or practice.

Don't Let Your Passion Harm Your Joints

Flex State Includes These Joint Health Ingredients:

Essential To Carilage


Essential To Carilage





MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)



Essential To Carilage




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